Recruiting manpower from Bangladesh is inexpensive comparing to the other counties and quite easy, only some paper works are needed to be maintained. Here is an explanation of the documents required in order to recruit manpower from Bangladesh.

Visa Advice

The original Visa Advice should accompany the other documents which will be submitted along with the candidate's passports to the concerned Embassy which is to be endorsed and attested by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Country of Employment.

Power of Attorney

The Principal will furnish Reem Overseas Ltd. with a power of Attorney duly authorizing it to handle all formalities regarding preparing visa applications and obtaining visas from respective Embassy on behalf of the Employer. The Power of Attorney must be attested by the Embassy of Bangladesh existing in the country of Employment and endorsed by its Chamber of Commerce and industry and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Demand Letter

A Demand Letter with complete statement of job categories, number of works required category-wise, works monthly salary, period of contract and other benefits offered to the candidates such as food, Accommodation, Medical Treatments, Vacations and Air tickets etc. is needed to complete the paperwork formalities.

This Demand Letter must be duly endorsed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Chamber of Commerce and finally attested by the Embassy of Bangladesh.

Consulate Letter

The Principal will issue Letter of Authorization addressed to the Consulate General of the concerned Embassy in Bangladesh, introducing their agent Reem Overseas Limited, mentioning that the agent will act as their representative to deal with all visa matters, submission and delivery of the candidates passports and visas. The letter will also contain the visa number and date of issue etc.