Upon receiving the demand and requirement of your company, we go through our stock of CVs that have been collected and updated regularly for primary selection for any demand. Also a message is circulated among our representatives who generally work on the remote fields all over the country to collect suitable candidates.

A special test covering general and trade aspects is conducted on the initially selected candidates. The short-listed candidates then appear for a physical interview and a practical test in conjunction with your demand. We make sure that a sufficient number of candidates are available for the interview at the time of your representative’s visit.

We often publish advertisements in the local newspapers according to your demand letter, to arrange availability of sufficient number of qualified candidates during the interview.

Air Ticketing

We have got our sister concern Kushiara Travels & Tours Ltd. which has been a full- fledged Travel Agency for the last 25 years to do the air-ticketing for your workers. It enables us to have full control over the airlines in terms of reserving seats and confirming their flights for quick deployment of the workers to the work site.

Trade Testing & Training Center

Reem Overseas limited has its own facilities to test any technical hand and provide practical training to the semi-skilled workers.

In our Technical Training Center, which is equipped with most modern instruments and supervised under qualified instructors, is offering training programs all year long.

Here students are taking diplomas in Air- conditioning, Plumbing, Steel Fixing, Carpentry Electrical Wiring, Tailoring, Driving, Welding, Riggering etc. to fit in today’s overseas job demand. Short courses in these areas are also provided to the selected candidates who need little touch-ups before their deployment.

Briefing Program

Each and every outbound worker, before deployment, are briefed and instructed about their duties and their behaviors in the respective countries where they will be working.

By nature, our workers are honest and gentle. But still we ask them to remember that they are to follow and obey strictly the rules and regulations set by the country of employment and the employer’s organization as well. They are told to be obedient and to be respectful to their superiors and put maximum devotion to their duties and not to forget that discipline, sincerity and honesty are the main motivating factors for successful accomplishment of their service term and to achieve recognition for self and for their beloved motherland.